Helping students with dyslexia

It's now easier to support struggling readers at school

Dyslexia in the classroom
Photo by Max Fischer

Built with the support of:

Dyslexia project supported by the Berlin Senate
Dyslexia project supported by the EU
Dyslexia project supported by Impact Factory
Dyslexia project supported by Impact EdTech

A new way to work with struggling readers

GoLexic helps students with dyslexia and reading difficulties develop the skills they need to read more fluently – without creating extra work for SENCos and teachers.

Only 15 minutes per day​​

The app prepares a short training session for the student by selecting appropriate exercises. The right content is always there, even if you don't have time to assign it!​

A specialised approach to building literacy skills​

Students work on sound-letter association and spelling patterns in a cumulative manner. The App builds up literacy skills using a mix of sequential content and targeted repetition.​

Fully flexible for blended learning

Assign homework and monitor activities through our Teacher Portal. Students can work with minimal supervision, from school or home.​

Privacy and child-safe​

Built in Germany, the GoLexic App adheres to the strictest privacy guidelines and GDPR. Beyond regulations, we believe in the ethical use of data.

01. For the Students:

An iPad App created for students with dyslexia and reading challenges

Students work on:

Structured and personalised content progressively tailor the programme for each child.

02. For SENCos & Teachers

A dashboard co-created with SENCos and primary teachers

A web-based Teacher Portal, you can:

Get a demo

...because a demo is worth a thousand words 🙂
GoLexic iPad App

How does GoLexic make it easier to support struggling students?

GoLexic dyslexia app for school

With the GoLexic app, students get a set of activities to complete each day in 10 to 15 minutes. We recommend using the App at least 4 times a week.

Personalised activities help students work on the skills they need to develop, while giving teachers insight into the areas of difficulty.

As a teacher, you can monitor the work of students, assign exercises and find additional activities to work on together.

You can work with the app together with each student, or let them use the app by themselves if they are at least 8 years old.

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