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The app for dyslexic children & struggling readers

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Dyslexia App
Created thanks to the support of:
Dyslexia project supported by the Berlin Senate
Co-funded by the European union
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Dyslexia project supported by Impact Factory
Dyslexia project supported by Impact EdTech

Making it easy for you to help dyslexia and other reading difficulties

Supporting a child that struggles with reading and writing is not easy for parents these days. Time is short. Schedules are difficult to align. It’s not easy to know how much practice you should add at home. As a caring parent, you don’t want to overburden a child that’s already dealing with issues at school. As a result, it is easy for families to exhaust themselves.

​To make sure that families have proper support and flexibility on this learning journey, GoLexic has built a programme that helps your child learn with a proven method, and also allows you to closely follow and understand each step of the learning progression. Our app is available on iPad.

Mother and daughter practicing reading with the GoLexic App

Help your child improve reading skills with GoLexic

Reading remediation

Our programme is based on a tried and tested dyslexia remediation method designed to meet the learning needs of children who don't respond to traditional ways of teaching reading.

No waiting time

No need to wait for a diagnosis or an specialist appointment to start: the App is conceived to help for any child who struggles with reading, including dyslexic children.

At-home learning program

Build up reading skills with a multi-sensory approach and speech recognition. This intuitive learning experience that requires minimal supervision.

Personalised progress

Personalised exercises help your child master the skills they are still struggling with.

subscriptions starts with a free trial week

Download the App and try it today!

GoLexic costs only £9.99 / month, and is cancellable anytime. It is intended for children age 7+ who struggle with reading, weather they have a reading weakness or dyslexia.

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What parents & teachers say​

"I’ve noticed that Lily's reading has improved"

I can see that she benefits from having this targeted repetition of words, and having to read and spell at the same time.

Zoe S. (Mum of Lily, 8 y.o.)

"My son is doing better both in his reading and spelling."

He is reading more fluently and is less stressed about reading. He read a long book recently (138 pages in two weeks). This is a great achievement for him. He seems to be making less mistakes and he is actually reading correctly words that were tricky for him.


"The structure of the programme is brilliant!"

My son has used the app every day, he never complains about it and that's incredible! School has also noticed an improvement.

Claire (Mum to a 12 y.o.)

"GoLexic is fantastic"

It focuses on more than just training reading skills. It enhances sustained and selective attention, memory, logic, reasoning, auditory and visual processing.

Elena, Primary School Teacher

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