How does it work?

How the GoLexic app helps your child improve their reading skills

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Re-building reading and spelling foundations​

The main goal of GoLexic is to support children and their parents by making it easier to improve reading and writing skills. We built this App for dyslexia to help children improve their writing and reading skills as fast as possible, as early as possible.

What does it take?

It requires re-building the foundations of language starting with letter knowledge, grapheme-phoneme correspondance, and phonological awareness. Then using carefully structured content to build up skills progressively, in a scaffolding manner.

Concretely, this means that during the first weeks of the programme, your child works on developing a solid mastery of the basics, starting with alphabet knowledge, decoding and spelling out single-syllable words, and repeating difficult ones.

The 4 principles that underpin our approach to reading remediation

GoLexic is built on the proven Reading and Writing Acquisition Method by deHaan & Merlivat. We use 4 principles to ensure steady learning progress.

That’s why GoLexic offers an interactive, voice-recognition-based training, not a digital book or a word game. We believe that parents and children go on this learning journey together. And the features in our App for dyslexic and struggling readers are specifically built to make sure children can progress independently if they want to, and practise together with their parents when they need to.

Only 15 Minutes a Day

Every day, the App prepares a training session for your child, allowing them to fully focus without cognitive overload.

Children & Parents-Friendly

Audio instructions and speech recognition give children enough autonomy that they can work independently, with little to no supervision.

Automation, not Memorisation

Your child will progressively develop reading automatisms thanks to our carefully structured content and targeted repetition.

Personalised reading practice

The App balances targeted repetition & new lessons, so difficulty increases only when your child has mastered a skill and is ready to move forward.

What you will work on:

From our users:

They say it best…

The structure of the programme is brilliant. My son has used the app every day, he never complains about it and that’s incredible! School has also noticed an improvement.

mum to a 12 year old

My son is doing better both in his reading and spelling. […] He is reading more fluently and is less stressed about reading. He seems to be making less mistakes in terms of missing or adding letters to words when reading. He is actually reading correctly words that were tricky for him.

Luca's mum

What else will you find in the GoLexic app for dyslexia & reading?

To help with reading and dyslexia, the App offers 8 different types of exercises with over 70 different lessons that train a specific set of skills, by using reading, blending and spelling.

The App engage visual, auditory, kinesthetic senses at the same time to increase learning outcomes. Multisensory approaches help children link new information and prior knowledge.

The exercises continuously build up new skills, then solidify what has been learned. The level of difficulty is therefore always within reach, while the speed of reading and writing continuously increases.

The parent dashboard is perfect for an overview of your child’s progress. You can see which exercises have been completed, and which are coming up. You can also set reminders here.

What you can count on:

No-strings-attached subscription

We have a transparent subscription fee of only £9,99/month. You can end your subscription anytime, no strings attached.


Our App is built with utmost respect for your privacy. We collect as little data as possible, store it safely in the EU and only work with GDPR compliant partners.

A safe space to learn

Our App is a place where children feel comfortable to learn - and make mistakes. It gives children realistic & encouraging feedback.

Carbon neutrality

GoLexic has committed to minimising our carbon footprint from the start. We offset the emissions we cannot avoid, to build our company sustainably.

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