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Our story

Why GoLexic?

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We created GoLexic because too many children still have to go through life without appropriate means to address their difficulties with reading and writing. And this bears consequences on their academic achievements, career prospects and perhaps most importantly, on their self-esteem and emotional well-being.

There simply aren't enough therapists, tutors and specialists to provide intervention quickly enough for children with learning differences. Intervention is costly, and families who can't afford private care have to wait months on waiting list for accessible support.

The purpose of GoLexic is to help families with support that is immediately available and affordable, without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of the intervention.

Using a training method conceived to address the learning needs of children with reading difficulties and dyslexia, we have built a digital program that helps them re-learn to read and write fluently. 


Our mission:

We exist to help children who face difficulties with reading and spelling, and those who care for them.

Our mission is to provide a powerful, effective and uplifting learning program to children who face learning challenges, in a way that is affordable, convenient and easy to use for all parents.

How it all started:

Dyslexia has always been present in my life, in one shape or another.

My brother is severely dyslexic, and I've always been aware of how difficult this made his school education. I also witnessed the enormous efforts my parents put into finding solutions to support him: From endless series of therapy and medical appointments, to hours of homework every evening, and multiple school changes. 

Following years of research into what to do, at a time where no one spoke much about dyslexia, my mother became an expert. She worked with several specialists until she met a Dutch professor in psycholinguistics and pioneer in dyslexia studies. Since 1965, he developed a learning method that restored order into the linguistic chaos of dyslexic children's minds. 


The two of them started working together to develop his method in new languages.  They worked with thousands of children everywhere in the world over the last 20 years, continuously perfecting their method and approach.

I've supported my mother's language Institute for many years and heard countless stories of parents who went through the same process my family did. I've witnessed the incredible progress children make working with the method used at the Institute, and I've heard from parents what an unbelievable difference it has made in their children's skills and well-being.


It is a really moving and powerful thing to see children's hard work and transformation as they embrace their new reading skills. All they want is to be able to show that they too, can do it. 

That is my motivation for starting GoLexic. Our goal is to build a program that makes it simple to help children with dyslexia or learning differences, with the help of this incredible learning method. A program that is effective, affordable, quickly accessible, does not stigmatise children, and creates as little extra work as possible for the child, the parent, and the teacher.

Meet the founder

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Meet the team

Our commitments

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We believe in improving opportunities and quality of education for all. We support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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We are proud to support the British Dyslexia Association and the work they do to support families across the UK.

GoLexic is committed to sustainability. We are a certified carbon neutral company and support initiatives to further climate protection. GoLexic is a member of the Leaders for Climate Action initiative.

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