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23 Books parents of dyslexic children recommend

Looking for the right books for someone with dyslexia or reading difficulties can be a bit overwhelming, given there are almost 130 million books to choose from. Luckily, we asked some parents about which books their dyslexic children enjoyed reading. So, here are some of the books they recommended, listed according to different ages. Yes, that also includes some books to help you wrap your head around dyslexia. Take a look.

A dyslexic girl sits on the couch reading a book written specifically for struggling readers

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  1. Books for Children Aged 5 - 8

  2. Books for Children Aged 8 - 12

  3. Books for Teens

  4. Books for All Ages

  5. Books to Help You Understand Dyslexia

  6. Audio Books for Parents Who Are Reluctant to Read

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1. Books for Children Aged 5 - 8

It's Called Dyslexia

It's Called Dyslexia, a children's book about a girl with dyslexia who is learning how to read.

Written by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, illustrated by Marta Fabrega

Whoever said that learning to read and write is easy? Sarah is unhappy and she no longer enjoys school. When learning to read and write, she tries to remember which way the letters go but she often gets them all mixed up.

After she discovers that dyslexia is the reason for her trouble, she begins to understand that with extra practice and help from others, she will begin to read and write correctly. At the

same time, she also discovers a hidden talent

she never knew existed!

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Molly Rogers to the Rescue

Molly Rogers to the Rescue, a children's book about a young girl and her mother's adventure with pirates

Written by by Cornelia Funke, illustrated by Kasia Matyjaszek

Thieves, greedy pirates and mischief-makers are no match for Molly Rogers! When Molly and her mother, Barbarous Bertha, discover that Captain Firebeard is destroying Monkey Skull Island in search of buried treasure, they set sail on the Red Swallow to save the island and its animals from his clutches. But Firebeard will stop at nothing to get his treasure - how will Molly outwit him this time? A fantastic swashbuckling adventure for little readers, bursting with brilliant characters, gorgeous illustrations and lots of girl power!

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Grandpa was an Astronaut

Grandpa was an Astronaut, a children's book about a young boy and his relationship with his grandpa, a former astronaut.

Written by Jonathan Meres, illustrated by Hannah Coulson

Sherman loves the moon and he loves his grandpa even more - who has actually been to the moon! Grandpa was an astronaut and has a chunk of moon rock on his mantlepiece. Playing space games with Grandpa is one of Sherman's most favourite things ever so he's thrilled to hear that's exactly what a visit to Grandpa will involve. High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all.

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Special Delivery

Special Delivery, a book for dyslexic children that explores an unlikely friendship between a boy and his elderly neighbour

Written by by Jonathan Meres, illustrated by Hannah Coulson

All Frank wants is a new bike, but bikes cost money ... So he better start saving! When he settles on helping his sister, Lottie, with her paper round, the last thing Frank expects is to meet an old lady wearing a cowboy hat and boots - she's not like anyone he's ever met before. But Frank's new friend seems a bit muddled, and when she needs help, he's the only one there to lend a hand. A gentle exploration of Dementia and a touching tale of forging friendships across generations.

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The Bakery Of Happiness

The Bakery Of Happiness, a children's book about a baker and his assistant, written for struggling readers

Written & illustrated by Ian Beck

Paul du Pain's bakery is a very special place. Each day, Paul bakes the bread while Marie serves customers in the shop. Everyone who walks in the door walks back out feeling happier than before. But when Marie goes away, Paul's days become sad and grey. Without her, the bakery's magic is gone. Will Paul ever be able to win her back? A charming, heartfelt and timeless tale from an award-winning author-illustrator.

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2. Books for Children Aged 8 - 12

Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree, a book about a young dyslexic girl and her experience dealing with her reading difficulties at school

Written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Ally has been smart enough to fool a lot of smart people. Every time she lands in a new school, she is able to hide her inability to read by creating clever yet disruptive distractions. She is afraid to ask for help; after all, how can you cure dumb? However, her newest teacher Mr. Daniels sees the bright, creative kid underneath the trouble maker. With his help, Ally learns not to be so hard on herself and that dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of.

The author gives readers an emotionally-charged, uplifting novel that will speak to anyone who's ever thought there was something wrong with them because they didn't fit in.

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Norman the Norman from Normandy

Norman the Norman from Normandy, a children's book written for struggling readers

Written by Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones

Little Norman the Norman from Normandy loves fighting. All Normans do. When he inherits the broad sword that belonged to his father, Great Big Norman, after he is killed in battle, Little Norman is Little no more and so he sets off to avenge his father's death. Riotous comedy with extra sword-swinging. High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all.

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Rugby Academy

Rugby Academy, a children's book about a rugby team and the adventures they face together

Written by Tom Palmer, illustrated by David Shephard

Borderlands First XV have their sights set on becoming the best school rugby team in the world. But they have some serious challenges to face along the way. New pupil Woody is a footballer and must decide if he wants to give rugby his all, while Owen finds himself in the spotlight when conflict breaks out within the team. More importantly, many of the players are worried about their parents deployed overseas in the armed forces. With so much to distract them, can they keep their focus on winning and become school rugby champions of Britain, Europe and the world?

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Five Ways To Make A Friend

Five Ways To Make A Friend, a children's book about young friendships and relationships

Written by by Gillian Cross, illustrated by Sarah Horne

It’s Ella’s first day at her new school and she wants to find a friend. But it’s really hard. The girls aren’t interested in her and she doesn’t have the courage to just join in … When she finds a book about making friends Ella decides to try out the tips it recommends. With five excellent ideas up her sleeve, Ella will be friends with the girls in no time … Right?

A touching tale of friendship, understanding and finding the confidence to be yourself.

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Owen and the Soldier

Owen and the Soldier, a book for dyslexic readers about family and friendship

Written by Lisa Thompson

Owen and his mum are struggling. It’s just the two of them at home now and they’re finding it difficult to ask for the help they need. When Owen discovers a crumbling stone soldier in the local park, it feels like he finally has someone he can talk to about his worries. But the town council can't see how important the soldier is and they

want to remove him. Owen’s scared that he’ll be left on his own again, but can he find the courage he needs to save the soldier before it’s too late?

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3. Books for Teens

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Dyslexia-Friendly Edition

A dyslexia-friendly version of the classical novel The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson

Stevenson's classic story of split personalities lurking beneath the prim and proper morals of Victorian society. Now available in an accessible format for all readers.

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Until We Win

Until We Win, a book for dyslexic teens about the suffragette movement

Written by Linda Newbery

A hundred years ago, women didn't have the vote. When Lizzy Frost becomes involved with the fledgling Suffragette movement, it expands her horizons in ways she never could have imagined. From time spent in prison for the cause, to new relationships with fellow campaigners, Lizzy's struggle for votes for women sets her heart on fire. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 12+.

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Lark, a book for dyslexic teens that explores family relationships

Written by Anthony McGowan

Things are tense at home for Nicky and Kenny. Their mum's coming to visit and it will be the first time they've seen her in years. A lot has changed since they were little and Nicky's not so sure he's ready to see her again. When they head for a trek across the moors to take their minds off everything, a series of unforeseen circumstances leaves the brothers in a vulnerable and very dangerous position. There might even be a chance that this time not everyone will make it home alive

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True Sisters

True Sisters, a book for dyslexic teens about friendship and family relationships

Written by Keren David

Ruby has had a lot of foster siblings over the years, but none of them have been anything like Clara. After growing up in almost complete isolation, Clara is distraught at being separated from her mother and overwhelmed by life in a world she doesn't understand. But the more Ruby tries to help Clara fit in, the more she realises she has to face up to some struggles of her own...

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4. Books for All Ages

The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs They Do

The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs They Do, a book about the challenges of dyslexia, and what a career with dyslexia could look like

Written by By Kate Power, Kathy Iwanczak Forsyth, and Paul Smith

Honest about the challenges of dyslexia (like problems or embarrassment at school), while showing how its strengths can be used to your advantage (for example how visualising and big picture thinking can make you shine at work), this is a book of colourful conversations with creative, motivated and successful people who are brilliant at what they do, and who achieve incredible things because of their dyslexia.

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Dyslexia is My Superpower (Most of the Time)

Dyslexia is my Superpower, a collection of interviews with dyslexic children, teens, and adults about their experience living with the reading difficulty

Interviews by Margaret Rooke

In more than 100 interviews, children and young adults reveal their personal tips and tactics for honing the creative benefits of dyslexia, enabling them to thrive in school and beyond. Strategies include ways to develop confidence and self-belief. The contributors have outlined specific approaches they feel have helped them, and others that haven't. The book contains stunning illustrations by 8-18 year olds with dyslexia. The first-hand accounts are inspiring in the way they normalise dyslexia and reveal the many success stories.

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5. Books to Help You Understand Dyslexia

The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan

The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan, a book about Ben Foss' personal experience with Dyslexia and how the reader can learn from them too

Written by Ben Foss

After years of battling with a school system that did not understand his dyslexia and the shame that accompanied it, renowned activist and entrepreneur Ben Foss is not only open about his dyslexia, he is proud of it. In The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan he shares his personal triumphs and failures so that you can learn from his experiences. Packed with practical ideas and strategies dyslexic children need for excelling in school and in life, this empowering guide provides the framework for charting a future for your child that is bright with hope and unlimited potential.

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The Shut-down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child

The Shut-Down Learner is a book about supporting your academically discouraged child

Written by Richard Selznick Ph.D

One of the worst feelings a child can have is being discouraged in school. The sense of hopelessness that pervades can become almost insurmountable. This is the emotional experience for the child called the shut-down learner. Also referred to as Lego kids or high-spatial children, such kids thrive with hands-on tasks that use their visual and spatial abilities. This book offers perspective and hope to parents who are struggling with these issues.

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Overcoming Dyslexia

Overcoming Dyslexia, a book to help you understand and support dyslexics

Written by Sally E. Shaywitz and Jonathan Shaywitz

Dyslexia is the most common learning disorder in the world, affecting one in five individuals. Now Drs Sally and Jonathan Shaywitz give us a substantially updated and augmented edition of her classic work, Overcoming Dyslexia, drawing on an additional fifteen years of ground-breaking scientific research to offer new information on both the big picture and the specific details of dyslexia and reading problems, and providing the tools that parents, teachers and dyslexic individuals of any age need.

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6. Audio Books for Parents Who Are Reluctant to Read

The Gift of Dyslexia

The Gift of Dyslexia, a book and audiobook that provides step-by-step techniques with supporting dyslexics with their learning journey

Written by Ronald D. Davis and Eldon M. Braun

Setting out practical step-by-step techniques, using visualisation and multisensory learning, Ronald Davis brings help to the 15% of children and adults who struggle with reading and writing because of dyslexia. In this revised and expanded edition of his classic work Ronald Davis brings real help to people who have dyslexia.

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Understanding Dyslexia

Understanding Dyslexia, a short audio book course that offers the listener a better understanding of dyslexia and how to help dyslexics

By the Centre of Excellence Although this is not really a book, the Understanding Dyslexia Course helps you to better comprehend dyslexia, as well as how it can affect a child's self-esteem, how to identify it, and importantly it covers the many ways in which teaching can be adapted to help a dyslexic learner.

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