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Overcoming dyslexia and reading difficulties

"Can you cure dyslexia?"


This is a question we get asked often. It is a common misconception that dyslexia is something you can "get rid of". But there is also the misconception that it can’t be helped. 


While a person who is dyslexic will remain dyslexic, it is possible to treat and overcome the blockages with reading and writing that dyslexics experience, with the right methods of intervention


How do you know if an intervention is right for your child? Typically, a dyslexia diagnosis will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a concrete understanding of the kind of support they need to close their learning gap.


Generally speaking, a good way to determine if a method of intervention can be helpful is if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Written language is taught and practised in a way that is systematic.

  • The programme is well-structured, and so is the content presented to the child in lessons or exercises. 

  • It entails elements of a multi-sensory approach.​

  • It avoids over-stimulation.

  • It incorporates direct teaching, time for consolidation, and frequent revision.


Our programme offers effective intervention by sequencing practices that exercise knowledge in letter sounds and phoneme awareness, and reinforcing learning by linking letters and phonemes through specifically designed writing and reading exercises. 

What are the next steps for overcoming dyslexia?

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If you have noticed a number of signs of dyslexia and reading difficulties in your child, you can also take our free dyslexia identification help test for a better indication of your child’s diagnosis and assessment of their difficulties.

We know it takes time to get a full professional diagnosis for your child, that’s why we are building an app that helps dyslexic children and children with reading weaknesses learn to read and write fluently, at home. The GoLexic App is based on a tried and tested dyslexia remediation method designed to meet the learning needs of children who don't respond to traditional ways of teaching reading. Download our iPad app in the App Store and get a two week free trial!

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