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How the GoLexic app helps your child improve their reading skills

Voice-based learning app for reading and writing difficulties


The main goal of GoLexic is to support children and their parents by making it easier to improve reading and writing skills.


That’s why GoLexic offers an interactive, voice-recognition-based training, not a digital book or a word game. We believe that parents and children go on this learning journey together. And the features in our App are specifically built to make sure that kids can progress independently if they want to, and practise together with their parents when they need to.

The 6 principles of our proven remediation method

GoLexic is built on the proven Reading and Writing Acquisition Method by deHaan & Merlivat. We use 6 linguistic principles to ensure steady learning progress. 

1. Only 15 Minutes a Day

Every day, our iPad app will prepare a training session of up to 15 minutes for your child. Improving reading and writing skills is hard work for the brain, and we want your child to be able to fully focus.

2. Parents-Friendly

Our App is built so that your child can do the exercises without you needing to spell, read or correct their work. But we know progress accelerates when parents create a good learning environment.


We also recommend that you stay close when your child is using the app. Our parent dashboard will keep you informed about the learning progress. An optional weekly overview email shows exercises that might be best for practicing together with your child.

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3. Practice to Automatise not Memorise

Golexic works best when practice is frequent. The App makes sure it’s giving each child the right task to repeat. We tailor content to develop automatism, not memorisation. We recommend using the app at least 4 times every week. The short 15-minute-sessions are built to fit into the busy life of families. Our parent dashboard lets you set reminders for the iPad so that your child never forgets a training session.

4. Multi-Sensory Reading and Writing Training

Using a combination of senses - e.g. seeing, hearing, touching - has been proven to make learning and memorisation easier for the brain. The GoLexic iPad app uses a multi-sensory exercise design to help children who struggle with dyslexia or reading weaknesses.

5. Reading and Writing Foundations First

Our goal is to help children improve their writing and reading skills as fast as possible, as early as possible. Based on more than 20 years of experience using our method, this means spending some time assuring the foundations of knowing the alphabet are solid. During the first weeks, the GoLexic App is making sure that children really have a solid mastery of the basics.

6. Personalised Speed

Children with reading difficulties require a structured approach that adapts to where they are, not the other way around. The personalised lesson planning in our app makes sure that difficulty levels increase only when certain skills have been acquired or improved to a satisfactory level.

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Get the GoLexic iOS App

Start your 1-week free trial today. Subscribe in the app for only £9.99 / month. Cancellable anytime.


No-strings-attached subscription

Our subscription offers a proven training method to your child for only £9,99/month. You can end the subscription before the end of each month, no strings attached.


Our iPad App for reading and writing is built with the utmost respect for your data and privacy. We ask you for permission to collect any data. We keep all data safely in the EU, and only work with GDPR compliant technology. As often as possible, we avoid getting or storing data altogether. One example: the speech recognition technology we use never sends any speech data out of your iPad!

Carbon neutrality

GoLexic has decided from the start to minimise our carbon footprint, and to offset the emissions we cannot avoid. We’ve even offset what we assume to be the energy consumption of the app on your device. We thought you’d appreciate that.

A safe space to learn

We want our program to be a place where children are comfortable to learn - and make mistakes. Children want to succeed. And they are smart: they know when they did well, and when they did not. Our app gives children feedback that is realistic, yet positive and encouraging.

Using the GoLexic reading and spelling app

The GoLexic App offers 8 different exercise types with over 70 different lessons that help to improve reading, blending and writing skills. Each of our exercises, like WordMaths, or Missing Letters, focuses on a specific reading or writing capability that is trained. 

To access reading proficiency, we use a modern on-device speech recognition that has been specifically optimised to our App to give maximum independence and flexibility to parents’ and childrens’ schedules. Unlike other speech recognition technologies, this means the speech data is not transferred off the device, and you don’t need to be online to practice a lesson.

The exercises continuously build up new skills, then solidify what has been learned. The level of difficulty is therefore always within reach, while the speed of reading and writing continuously increases.

The parent dashboard is perfect for an overview of your child’s progress. You can see which exercises have been completed, and which are coming up. You can also set a reminder here, and whether you want to receive a weekly summary email.

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What you can count on

What you will need

Compatible devices

The app works with the following devices:

  • iPhone: X, XS, XS Max, XR / 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max / 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max.

  • iPad: Air 2 and 3, iPad Mini 4 and 5,  iPad 5th, 6th, 7th generation, and iPad Pro 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation or newer.

  • iOS 14.0 or newer.

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You can access the GoLexic App in the iOS AppStore in the UK, Canada and Germany

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