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Building confidence in reading with GoLexic

How the GoLexic App builds confidence in reading and spelling

Confidence is a significant issue for children with dyslexia and children who struggle with reading. It's often an emotional issue that leads children to doubt their abilities, and their capacity to overcome their difficulties.  

One of our main goals in creating GoLexic was to help build children build confidence as much as it was to build their skills. We developed a remedial programme that not only directly targets their reading and spelling difficulties, but also encourages them to feel more confident in themselves and their abilities.

Overcoming dyslexia together

One inspiration behind GoLexic was to create an app that parents and children can use together. Of course, we allow children to work independently when they need to, but we also wanted to ensure that parents can get involved. Parental involvement is a key aspect in a child’s self-esteem and personal development, so it was a priority for us to encourage this aspect of togetherness.


It’s not only about celebrating the achievements together, but also about sharing the burden. If your child appears to be struggling, the app will let you know in the Progress Dashboard, and we will send you an email with instructions on exactly where and how you can help. You are in this challenge together, and we will let you know when is the right time for you to step in and provide guidance.

A positive learning environment for children who struggle

Our main focus while creating the GoLexic App was to ensure that every single feature, design, and exercise contributes to a positive learning environment for children with dyslexia and reading difficulties.

Design that encourages attention and focus

Our design is minimalist, and with a calm and welcoming colour scheme, we want to minimise distractions that could frustrate or discourage a child trying to focus on effectively improving their reading and spelling skills. 

Features that balance progress and difficulty

We use speech recognition technology as a tool for personalisation, which identifies which exercises your child is struggling with, and adjusts their programme accordingly. By making sure we don’t increase the difficulty before your child is ready, GoLexic encourages sustainable learning, and encourages them to find confidence in their abilities.

Exercises that train rather than test

The purpose of GoLexic is not to test your child, as this can imply that they are expected to perform at a certain level which may provoke anxiety and thus, hinder their learning process and self esteem. We instead focus on learning as a goal, and on improving your child’s learning through effective training exercises.

Independent work that fosters autonomy

We want to give children a sense of "I can do it". To this end, we designed the app to enable children to work on their own if they feel more comfortable doing so. Some children are insecure about their reading abilities, and may prefer to practise oral reading by themselves. Others feel more confident when they can work through a task on their own. 


To help them, GoLexic provides simple concise instructions in both written and audio format. By using speech recognition to determine when your child has completed an exercise correctly and successfully, you can let them practise some of the lessons on their own.

We focus on children's achievements

The app is built using continuous feedback and positive reinforcement. We want children to know when they stand and how they are progressing. But we made it a point to stay clear of point systems that focus on achieving perfect scores. For a child who struggles with reading, every step is an achievement worth celebrating. That is the spirit that guided our approach to giving feedback in the GoLexic app.

Positive Reinforcement

We also make sure to consistently reinforce positive achievements. Once an exercise is complete, your child will hear audio feedback on how they did. If your child did well and completed the exercise without any mistakes, they will hear a positive comment about their performance. If your child needs to practice the exercise again, we let them know in a constructive way. The purpose of this feature is to make them aware of their strengths, which can therefore have a positive impact on their performance.

Progress Dashboard

We wanted to make sure that both you and your child will be able to track their development and achievements. This is why GoLexic implemented a Progress Dashboard, which is set up in a clear and simple way to allow everyone to easily understand how much progress is made, and therefore, reinforces your child’s awareness of the goals they have achieved. It also helps you to be aware of when you may need to step in and offer assistance, which can make sure they are on the right track to achieving their goals.

You can learn more about the GoLexic App for Reading and Spelling on our App Features page. You can also download the iPad app directly from the iOS App Store and get a two week free trial. If you have any questions about the GoLexic App for Reading and Spelling, send us a message at info [@]

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