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The App for dyslexia

GoLexic is the learning app that helps children improve their reading and spelling

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Read & spell

Your child practices reading letters, syllables, words and sentences through multi-sensory activities and speech recognition

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Get personalised exercises

Your child works on lessons that progressively and cumulatively build up new skills, then solidify what has been learned.

Focus on key skills

Including: phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, phoneme-grapheme correspondence, reading, blending and spelling.

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What our users say

My son is doing better both in his reading and spelling. He is less frustrated as well. We are doing a range of activities to support him, but I can see that the app is definitely working.


Luca is reading more fluently and is less stressed about reading. He read a long book recently (138 pages in two weeks). This is a great achievement for him as he has always struggled with reading. He seems to be making less mistakes in terms of missing or adding letters to words when reading. He is actually reading correctly words that were tricky for him. 

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Download on the App Store

How much does GoLexic cost?

  1. Create an account

  2. Choose your subscription plan

  3. Start your 1-week free trial

  4. Start training!

​GoLexic works with a subscription. You can choose from 2 options:

  • monthly: £‎9.99 per month

  • 6-monthly: £‎38.99 for 6 months (that's £‎6.50 per month)

How to get the App?

Download the App in the Apple AppStore


How does the App work?

The App "packages" a series of exercises for the child each day. When the child completes their daily exercises, it will prepare the next training session for the next day. The exercises assess and train the skills and knowledge necessary to read and write.


This means that the App covers all critical skills from the ground up to address any potential gaps and build a solid foundation on which to continue building more complex reading and spelling skills.

In what countries are you available?

GoLexic is available in the UK, in Canada and in Germany. It is available for native English and native German speakers. You can select your language when you create your account. If you have questions regarding App availability in your country, you can email us at support [@]

Is the GoLexic Dyslexia App available on Android or Samsung?

No, currently the App is only compatible with iOS devices. We get many requests for Android and we hear you! We plan to make it available across all platforms in the future but as we are a small team, we currently focus on iOS to make sure we can continue to build and maintain a high quality of service for the App.

Who is it for?

The App is for children between 7 and 12 years old, who struggle with reading, whether these difficulties are caused by dyslexia or by other reading challenges.

Does my child have a dyslexia diagnosis to start?

No. We built the App because we know how much parents have to wait for diagnoses, and we wanted to provide a tool they can use to start helping their child at home. Our programme benefits any child who struggles with reading - whether they are dyslexic or not.

Can I try it before I subscribe?

All subscriptions start with a 1-week free trial. You will only be charged if you continue using the App after the trial week.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you are free to cancel any time.  You can manage your subscription directly in the AppStore.

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